Andrew “Goober” Werling, Transportation/Fuel/Shop

Transportation/Fuel/Shop for U5 Unlimited, Team Porter Racing.

Andrew “Goober” Werling is another of the newer members of the team, having joined the Decatur, Ind.-based U-5 Racing as the truck driver and crew member for the U-7 Valken Sports boat in 2011. “Goober” lives in Decatur and spends most of his time working in the U-5 Racing Team shop between races. He also serves as a crew member providing all different kinds of support at race sites throughout the season, and is still the team’s transportation specialist, both packing and driving the truck from event to event. Goob was named to the Tri-City Herald’s Hydro All-Star Team in 2014 for his transportation and logistics skills. Andrew also is the head coach of the rifle team at Decatur High School.