Ken Warren – Skid Fin/Wings

Ken Warren crewed with Jim Harvey from 1999 through 2005 and moved over the Fred Leland U99 race team for 2006 and the U100 in 2007.  He was part of the U2 2004 build team and assisted with the 1982 Atlas restoration for the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum.  Ken is well versed in ground support, skid fin, and boat repair.  In 2008 Ken stepped away from boat racing to focus on his family.  Ken was invited to join Team Porter in 2015 and crewed with the U-7 team on skid fin.  Ken grew up in Tri-Cities, received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Central Washington University, lives in federal way and works at SeaTac Airport as an engineer.  Ken works on skid fin and ground support on the u5 as well as all around team porter support for 2016.